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Springtime in the yard

Got myself a new lens last week, a Sigma 30mm F2.8 for the Sony NEX-5, which gave me a good excuse to explore the yard with camera in hand. Spring arrived in North Florida a while ago… or rather, the winter has been so mild the plants got confused. Either way there is an explosion of color everywhere you look!

azalea2 SONY DSC camelia SONY DSC


Fall projects 2012 – the pit

A few weeks ago I decided that I needed a project. Not that I had an over abundance of free time, or that there was anything pressing to be done around the house. No, I just needed to build something. So I built a firepit.

Back in the spring, just about when we started seriously talking about building a porch (Spring Break Project 2012), we discovered a hidden 8′ x 8′ brick patio in the yard. While it was no porch, it served nicely as a stage for a very special birthday show by Moonshine Dirt Reunion:

The patio had to get pulled up eventually so we could build the porch, and for six months all the bricks sat in a pile at the back of the yard waiting to be transformed into something awesome. I found some inspiration for the design from,made the first of many trips to Home Depot and started digging.

Firepit stage 1

Hole dug, the first layer of cinder blocks down and filled with concrete, and the first layer of brick is laid out ready to be placed… once I figure out how to mix up some mortar.

Turns out mortar isn’t complicated, but up to now the project is taking far longer than anticipated. At this point I should have constructed guides to ensure that everything was getting laid down square, but I was more intent on just getting the thing done. After the second layer of brick I left gaps for air to flow into the center.

Here’s a better view of how the bricks are going down, with gaps for air flow. Eventually all the bricks got laid, filled the bottom with some mountain gravel, and then waited a long week allowing the mortar to fix. Finally, the first fire was lit and celebrated with good friends:

This month in blurry celebrity photos

Went to Mardi gras in NOLA this year where Will Ferrell, Mr. Ricky Bobby himself, was the King of Bacchus. Here is a picture of him on the king’s float mere moments before he looked down at me, shouted “Wonder bread!” and then threw a mini-yellow cowbell into my left hand.


Finally, after being a fan since I bought a copy of “OK Computer” from the Tower Records in downtown San Francisco back in 1997, I got to see Radiohead in person. Here is a picture of Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood making sweet sweet music in front of their amazing LCD set.