28 hours at sea

This is just an absolutely crazy story. South African surfer Brett Archibald fell overboard during a storm at 3AM while on a surf trip in Indonesia. The crew, having no idea that he fell, continued sailing until morning. Brett, meanwhile, swam and treaded water for 28 hours until he was rescued by another boat.

“It was insane, was just insane. I actually gave up. I went under and said, ‘screw this, I can’t carry on’. But I couldn’t swallow water, I couldn’t get my lungs to take the water and I kept coming back up. So then I pulled myself together, said, ‘Okay, we need to keep going here’, and I kept swimming and treading water.”

– Brett Archibald

After being checked out by a doctor and reunited with his mates, Brett was looking forward to the rest of the week-long surftrip. Bloody hell, what a madman!


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