Beer! Only the BEST will do

A little bit ago I split up the blogs between SCIENCE and EVERYTHING ELSE. I figured it was a good move to have the science-y stuff kept somewhat at a distance from everytImagehing else I think and do. Turns out that there isn’t a whole lot that I want to write about here that’s NOT science related. That was true until today when I stumbled across a couple very interesting lists: the 20 Most Influential Beers of All Time, and the REAL 20 Most Influential Beers of All Time.

Turns out, this dude Martin Cornell took issue with the first list and decided to come up with his own, the REAL deals when it comes to influential beers. Now, not all the beers on these lists are still available. As one would expect, some of the listed breweries are long extinct. Of the breweries still listed, there are an embarrassingly high number that I’ve never heard of, let alone tasted. So here’s to a hoppy 2013, one rich in beers of influence and high of praise.

I’ll leave you this awesome map of brews by state from the lads over at Aleheads (one of many excellent beer blogs that were picked from during the making of this post), and with the remarkable finding that perhaps the best beer in America, at least according to the raw data found on is made right here in Gulfport, FL!



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