Monday morning science

Two science related links for a Monday morning (what? It’s Tuesday you say? Bah!):

First off is the very excellent new series what if? from Randall Munroe, creator of the webcomic xkcd, where Randall answers your random physics questions. This week: what if everybody on earth squished up real close together and then jumped at the same time?

Next up is – a website all about aquaculture and seafood. Dr. Rafik Orhun, now of NOAA/NMFS in Miami runs this blog/news site and updates the news section almost daily. A comprehensive source for all your aquaculture and seafood related news in one spot!

That’s all for now. Goliath grouper spawning season has begun, so the FSU Grouper lab will be very busy for the next few months poking and prodding and slowly piecing together the story of how these incredible beasts reproduce.


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