Recent headlines

It has been a while, but here are some stories that have caught my eye recently. And there is a research update!! Click here to read about what’s been keeping me busy lately.

Good news on the endangered turtle front: loggerhead nests have been found in Mississippi for the first time in more than 20 years. This could mean, of course, that habitat degradation in their natural range has sent them searching for sub-optimal habitat elsewhere. Or it could mean that the loggerhead turtle population is increasing so much that they are expanding their range. I, for one, choose to be hopeful that it is the second scenario.

Climate change. Apparently we are still trying to convince people that it is real. Why am I convinced? Simple: I took physics and chemistry in college. All of these complicated models we hear about are based on fundamental principles of the molecules involved. Understanding these principles is, er, fundamental to understanding climate change, but that doesn’t mean they are complicated! A recent Dot Earth (an Ellissurf recommended blog) post focused on this issue and includes a nice presentation on the topic.

For those with the talent, this is a very cool way to communicate complex ideas.

Finally today, something a bit more dense: a consideration of false dichotomies and how it hurts the conservation movement. The take home message – we must recognize that there is a fundamental conflict between economic growth and environmental protection. But as G.I Joe taught the males of my generation years ago, knowing is half the battle. We must recognize this dichotomy (economy versus environment) in order to best chart our path to a future where both coexist. Because of course, an economy without an environment cannot exist.


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